Time for a rebrand, or brand refresh?


Have you been thinking about your business’ brand?

Maybe you’ve been thinking that something needs to change, or that your direction has changed fundamentally, but your business isn’t being perceived the way you’d like it to be. Or that there feels like there’s a very slight disconnect between your strategy, your vision, and your perception.

It’s time to start thinking about your brand – but what’s the right choice for you?


The Brand Refresh

Most brands go through a refresh about every 7 years, ensuring that their visual identity is moving forwards in-line with their business. There aren’t many businesses that would sit stagnant for 10 years, so why should you expect the identity that you had then, to reflect who you are now?

Ask yourself the following, and if you find yourself agreeing, it may be time for a brand refresh.


Is your brand outdated?

Is it still reflective of a previous era in the business, and not who you are now? Or does it simply just feel old?

Stay ahead of the curve – just because it’s working for you right now, doesn’t mean it will still be in 5 years, and you don’t want to wait until you hit a decline until you invest. Invest while you’re on top and keep the momentum flowing. You don’t know what your competitors are planning, and you don’t want to be left behind.


Are you reaching the right audience?

You’ve got your vision and goals set – but the leads coming through and the customers in the pipeline aren’t quite the right ones. It may be that your brand just isn’t resonating with your target audience – it’s not aligning with their own values, and therefore they are heading elsewhere, to brands that are built for them.


Has the rapid growth in digital left your brand disjointed?

Between technology rapidly expanding and the global pandemic, digital marketing has boomed. Websites are becoming increasingly more important, replacing brick and mortar stores on the co. But in developing this digital-first approach and creating assets for your digital platform – have you developed a brand that isn’t consistent with your original?

If your brand isn’t consistent across all channels, whether they are digital or print, then it’s time to start bringing it together and creating a cohesive identity.

Your growth is stagnant

If your business isn’t growing, your brand may be playing a role in this. While your brand may be a key part of this – we’d recommend that you first take a step back and look at your strategy. Define your vision and your direction for the future – and then look at your brand and think about the role that it’s playing in this.

Your brand refresh is a tactical move – strip it back, remove the elements that are slowing your business’ growth, and refine the elements that will move you forward. This can be done across your visual identity and your verbal language.


The Rebrand

If the above elements apply to your business, as well as any of the following, then it may be time to think about a rebrand for your business.


You’ve merged with another company

If you’ve acquired or merged with another company – you’ve now got the challenge of bringing together two brands and creating a cohesive path forward. Rebranding can bring these brands together, convey your strategic direction and pave the path for the future.


You’ve set a new strategic direction

Whether it’s moving into a new market or changing your core offering – if you’re making a change, it’s likely you’ll want to rebrand your company to fit your new vision and your new market. You don’t want the old, and outdated feelings and perceptions about your brand to be carried over, limiting your potential growth.


There are negative associations with your brand

The worst-case scenario – there’s a negative image around your business that you want to move away from. It may be from things that have been dug up in the past, an original founder that isn’t there now. Whatever the reason, if you’re moving away from a negative narrative around your business for whatever reason, this is when a full rebrand can come into play.


Our Takeaway

The best brands, the brands that constantly top the most trusted lists or most recognisable lists, are always investing in their brand. Think of Apple, Netflix, Google – branding is fluid for them. You can take a look here at how they’ve changed their brands over the years – and see how their previous identity would have left them lagging.


Whatever the reason you may be thinking of a rebrand, or a refresh, we can help you out. We’d love to have a chat with you over a coffee, so we can understand your goals and your vision, and work out what the best option is for you and your business. Sometimes it is as simple as revitalising your brand, and sometimes it’s better to dive a bit deeper and invest in a rebrand, in order to start hitting those long term goals.