How to make your annual report benefit your brand

Annual Reports, sometimes known as ‘grey literature’, can be perceived as being a bit dusty and boring. But they don’t need to be.

At its very core it is your way of telling your story to your stakeholders, so they continue to support you. You wouldn’t make your information difficult to read for customers, so why do it to your stakeholders? Take the opportunity to go beyond the basic functionality, and utilise your annual report as a marketing tool.

A visually appealing annual report sets you apart from the competition, and highlights your achievements. Statistics that were once glanced over, can be made engaging, insightful and compelling. Financial information can be presented in an easy to understand way, and stakeholders can access information quickly, in a format that highlights the important elements.

Bold typography can highlight key parts of the text, as people skim through the report seeking information, you can draw them in to the elements that you want them to pay attention to.

Use infographics to present information in an easy to digest format, carving your information into your readers memory. More than 50% of the brain is devoted to processing visual information and as we are bombarded with more information than ever, presenting information visually can help counter the information overload and allow you to cut through and engage with your reader. 

Combine these with illustrations, and you can inject your brand identity and personality throughout the report. Reinforce your image and project your values and visions to key stakeholders when you know you have their attention. Make it visually appealing, easy to digest and make it benefit you.

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