The Power of Email Marketing

Let’s talk about email marketing, and the benefits that it can bring to you. A widely used marketing tactic, it’s a fairly easy way to get in front of your customers, and engage with them, if done well.

So, what are the benefits?


They’ve given you Permission

People on your email list will have opted in to receive your emails, which means they are interested in your business or your product. Meaning by the time they are receiving the email, they’re already on their way through your funnel.

“Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don’t” Seth Godin – Permission Marketing.

Bonus Book Recommendation: Seth Godin – Permission Marketing


You’ve got Direct Access to their Inbox

Email marketing doesn’t depend on ‘stopping the scroll’ or piqueing their interest with a creative billboard. It’s a direct channel into your customers, and potential customers inbox. While your posts on your social channels may be seen, but are easily lost in the noise, email can cut through. People check their emails pretty much every day – be part of it.

Our tip: Ask them to move your email into their inbox, a trick called whitelisting. Gmail users will know how their inbox gets split, send a welcome message and ask them to move you into their inbox, so you get seen!


Search Engine Optimisation

Not only does email marketing help nurture your audience and potential customers, it boosts your SEO strategy. Writing an article is excellent for search engine optimisation, and this content can be reused across social media and on your website – improving your rankings while engaging with your customers.


You’re Speaking to an Interested Audience

As we mentioned earlier, your email marketing audience is already interested in your company. This presents you with an excellent opportunity to engage, and nurture that audience, so when they need your services, you’re top of mind and you’re the one they trust.


It can be Responsive

If you need to send out information in response to something, whether it’s a natural disaster or a change in laws, email is an easy way to compile the information and get it out to your audiences. Remember, this goes straight to their inbox so it’s more likely to be seen.


Our Email Marketing Tips

Let’s start with the very basics of doing email marketing well, and your campaigns can develop from here.


Break it Up

You can very easily segment your audiences and email list by interests, preferences, or demographic information. If you’re a large e-commerce company, you probably want to segment your audience by their preference for male or female clothing. If you’re a b2b business, you maybe want to break your customers down by industry, or by which service they are interested in, so you can send them targeted and relevant content. We all want to receive content that is valuable to us, so make it specific.



Emails are easy to personalise. From ‘Hey Sarah’ to targeting them with content you know they are interested in. Don’t just send a broadcast (that’s an email to absolutely everyone on your list) email from the get-go, take some time to create hyper-targeted emails. Little personalisations and segmentation can take your email marketing to the next level.


Think About Your Customer Journey

What purpose do your emails serve? Are they at the end of the funnel, convincing customers to convert and then upsell? Or is it a nurture campaign that you need – educating customers and providing value to them, so that when they do need your services, you are at the top of their mind.


Campaign Creation

You can create campaigns within your email marketing, encouraging others to sign up, encouraging upsells and educating customers. There are many different types of emails you can send, from sweeping broadcasts that update your whole audience, to targeted promotions that capture your unengaged audiences. Email marketing is a great way of creating targeted campaigns.


Analyse & Optimise

Whatever platform you are using, it provides you with great insights into your email marketing. What time gets the best open rates? What types of subject lines are working best? What form of content works best?

Monitor and track these, reviewing content as you go so you can continue to create great emails that work for you.


Wondering what’s best for you? Or maybe you already have these elements nailed but aren’t getting much value out of your emails? Have a chat with us today, we’re more than happy to take a look at what you’re doing, and what possibilities there are.