The Roadmap To Success


It’s great to see the back of 2020, though we’re not pretending we won’t feel the effect of it now the date has changed. Whilst 2020 had a lot of surprises for us all, it also had some great lessons, and for many, great opportunities. We’ve spent the last few months catching up with clients and building roadmaps for success in 2021.

These start by looking at the good, the bad, and the opportunities, and working out how to amplify the good and find, or create new opportunities, whilst eliminating, or mitigating the bad.


The Bad

In 2020, people found themselves in a rut, if they had run the risk of being tied to only one advertising platform. As Facebook and other platforms closed advertisers’ accounts, for what seemed like no good reason (much to all digital marketers’ confusion and dismay), customers were left with no redress or way for them to communicate with their customers.

A strong marketing plan has a marketing mix that doesn’t rely on purely one channel or activity. Not only does this reduce the risk mentioned above, but it maximizes the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Embracing an Omnichannel approach to marketing can see digital and social marketing activities work with events, and traditional proven advertising to multiply effectiveness. We’ve utilised print advertising to see a massive increase in clients sales recently, something many have written off.

With so many touchpoints on the customer’s journey, why limit yourself, and your reach, to just one channel?


The Good

People supported the locals, we began to appreciate what New Zealand has to offer, explored more of their own backyard, and we learnt just how resilient a team of 5 million we are.

Businesses looked internally, without the chaos and offerings of a busy marketplace full of tools, business owners realised they had most of the tools they needed for improved success already within their business. For some it was great staff, who stepped up when they needed to and excelled beyond expectation. Others found that they had an existing database of clients that was a potential gold mine, they just needed to start the conversation.

With selling to existing clients being over 400% more effective than hiring new clients, it was a no brainer for many businesses, once they had employed an effective strategy to reach out.


The Opportunity

Driven by lockdowns, the need to find different and better ways to operate opened up a host of opportunities to businesses.

Many digital strategies were implemented and adopted, fast forwarded by 5 years or more, as digital suddenly became the only way for many people to communicate. Customers increasingly used these platforms, e-commerce used has soared and consumer insights state that they are likely to continue to shop online.

This opened up opportunities to sell to customers in different ways, both locally, nationally and globally. Some businesses were gifted time, a resource we all know is undervalued, to really look at their business internally, and execute on new opportunities that didn’t exist a decade ago. The pace of change is growing exponentially. If you are doing okay but haven’t looked at your business for a couple of years, it’s likely there are many opportunities that you haven’t considered. 

Many people learn through 2020 that predictions of the future, be it economic or otherwise, were not set in stone. What became more important was having an understanding of their business internally, what they could control, and what potential pathways to growth they have. The best laid plans should always have room for versatility.