Building Your Online Presence

We’ll start with some facts:
85% of people search for local businesses online
78% of people research future purchases online
Over 20% of the global business to consumer (B2C) discretionary spend is made online

Post pandemic, in the B2C world, consumers online purchases and their research for future purchases, have skyrocketed. And while in the business to business sector, online business has seen a slight softening due to the uncertainty of the economy, there has been an increase in the amount of research being done on future purchasing decisions. So while the short term may face difficulties, businesses with a strong online presence that are offering the right information to consumers, have the opportunity to build the foundations for future sales.

Given the volume of purchasing decisions being made online, can you really afford to not have a strong online presence?

For many businesses, investing in a website is the start of their online journey. Frequently, this can involve a sizable upfront investment, and this cost can be made even bigger if it is done wrong and the website does not work for its purpose. A smart investment into your website, can allow you to benefit from long term returns.
Some key things to considering when looking to get online, or improving your existing online presence are the following:

Start with Strategy
What outcomes do you want to achieve from your website, and how will your online presence work with, and support, your existing business? For some, the aim is to raise awareness and educate potential clients, driving them to your physical site. And for others, the aim is to complete the whole sales transaction online.
Knowing what you want to achieve and what success looks like is key to the following stages.

Don’t Underestimate the Creative
In an online world, where anyone could be a competitor, it’s important to stand out.
High quality creative that captures prospects’ attention and engages them while highlighting the key information, can make a big difference to a potential client. Easily digestible information, allowing consumers to easily access the information they need, aids the purchaser through the buyer’s journey and helps convert them into revenue. Your visual identity is key to appealing subconsciously.

Web Development is Part Science and Part Artform
Make sure your site is built on a well known and well supported platform, and built by people with significant experience. Website technology is constantly changing, whether it’s SEO rankings or mobile optimization; make sure you’re using a developer that has a commitment to ongoing learning. This means they stay ahead of the pack, and can help give your website a competitive advantage.

Don’t Let Them Go
Make sure you stay in touch with your clients, and your potential clients. It probably won’t come as a surprise that it can be up to 400% more cost effective to talk to an existing client, than it is to find a new client. What is surprising though, is just how many businesses don’t look after their existing clients, and fall out of touch, losing valuable potential business. Creative and engaging newsletters can keep you at the top of clients minds, and intelligent CRM management tools can help you manage your database, automating parts of the process allowing you to do more with your time.

What Makes The Mark’s Approach to Online Different?
We focus on understanding our clients goals, and using our marketing expertise to find a competitive advantage long before we start to create web pages and content. Our award winning team then creates imagery that engages with the target audience, and enhances the existing brand messaging and vision. The website is built with the clients strategy and goals in mind, to ensure that existing clients are catered to, and potential clients are found.