Heather Hotchkiss

A Scottish import, Heather is an experienced marketer, having honed her skills both through her studies and her professional career.

More about Heather

She has worked in a wide array of industries and is passionate about understanding businesses and fostering their growth.  She likes to take a strategic and creative approach to allow our clients to flourish.

As Marketing Manager for the Mark, Heather takes the time to understand client needs and forge genuine relationships, working with the team to achieve outcomes that go above and beyond client expectations. 

Heathers experience

Heather is passionate about entrepreneurship, and her marketing experience enables her to achieve creative client-centred solutions.

Heather thrives on being able to understand clients, allowing them to build brands with a strong narrative that can create a meaningful impact in the marketplace.

Her experience, along with her hunger for learning, drives her towards seeking innovative methods to new challenges both in the workplace and further afield.