The Project

When we first met with Ark Financial Group, they knew they were overdue for a better brand to help them stand out in a rapidly changing industry. Their old brand was still set in the past, did not speak to their values, their offering or their audience. This is where we came in. 

We were tasked with creating a brand that represented Ark Financial Group’s offering and resonated with their people as well as their audience. Refreshing the brand, without alienating their existing audience.


The Process

We met with each of the partners to really understand the aspects of Ark Financial Group that were important to them and what they really wanted to communicate with their audience.

Combining this insight with extensive research into the industry, we came up with a consistent theme of key messages that represented Ark, forming the basis of the rebrand.

The logo was created using the front view of an ark, morphing into the shape of a shield to create a contemporary and simplified icon that symbolises Ark’s key offering – protecting clients’ futures. The colours are purposefully vibrant and bold, creating a trustworthy, friendly and engaging brand, reflective of the team at Ark Financial Group.

We put Ark’s people at the forefront of their website, allowing them to build trust through a digital channel. Along with the necessary information on the website, we splashed client reviews throughout the site to demonstrate the credibility of Ark’s messaging.


The Outcome

We created a suite of brand graphics, illustrations and images to roll out across all of Ark Financial Group’s communications, ensuring they convey a clear and consistent brand message at every touch point with their clients.

We knew, especially in finance, that building trust was the key to getting them new clients, so our focus was on creating a brand that built trust. Everything from the colour palette, to the website design and photography, was created with this in mind.

We designed the website with a focus on user friendliness, intuitively leading the reader to exactly where they want to be. We think it’s pretty easy on the eye too.