The Project

As a newly established company, Botanica sell a range of furniture, offering high quality, boutique products at affordable prices. Looking to grow, and establish themselves, they needed an online platform to sell their furniture through.

After working with them to create their brand, The Mark was tasked with creating an online platform that represented their brand, as well as being a fully functional e-commerce platform.


The Journey

We took a full design approach to the site, beginning with a sitemap, before building the wireframes, and planning the website out in its entirety. Once we were happy, and the client was happy with the layout, we moved on to the design phase and finally, the build.

We needed to create a website that felt high quality, and more boutique than the competitors in their space. From the initial crafting of their brand, we knew the brand inside out, and understood their competitive landscape, allowing us to create a fully functional, brand focussed, e-commerce site.

We wanted to make it easy for customers to buy furniture. With access to hundreds of high quality images, we decided to make the website image focussed, letting the images do the selling for us.

Alongside this, we also created an inspiration page. Allowing customers to head to a hub where they could get inspiration for their own home, not only allowing customers to spend more time on the site, but also allow Botanica to push their new products through this page.

The website launch was complimented with social campaigns, generating awareness and interest and ultimately, leading customers to visit the website.


The Outcome

Botanica now have a beautiful, functional e-commerce platform, that forms the core of the business. Strengthened by social media advertising, the website has generated strong sales month on month since launching.