The Project

IT Simply came to us looking for a refresh of their digital presence. They needed to create a stronger brand to appeal to their audiences, and create a website that was optimised for lead generation, and whose messaging would resonate with the right audiences.

The Journey

We started with intensive research into the target audiences, to ensure we understood who we were speaking to.

We then began by creating a distinct look and feel, using isometric illustration, and a new modern style, reflective of the services that they offer.

The design team moved through the website, focusing on the user experience and making it quick, easy and attractive to contact, with strong calls to action utilised across the site. Key areas of information were highlighted, and colours were used more effectively, to help break up information and make everything easily digestible and understandable. 

Solid chunks of text were broken up, replaced with imagery and videos to explain information, creating an intuitive customer journey.

The Outcome

We created a fully responsive website, optimised for users and lead generation. Allowing IT Simply to focus on what they are good at, while their website drives sales for them.