The Project

An internationally renowned region for food and beverage, North Canterbury offers a vast range of high quality products. MADE North Canterbury is an initiative powered by Enterprise North Canterbury, a provenance brand created to showcase and create opportunities for food and beverage producers.

As a collaborative platform, MADE North Canterbury not only offers consumers traceability, and a promise of quality and authenticity through its distinctive mark, but also creates business-to-business relationships. Allowing businesses to connect and collaborate, creating better opportunities for them.

We were tasked with creating a website that showcased the incredible producers in the area and informed both consumers and businesses about MADE.


The Process

We were fortunate to work closely with MADE North Canterbury from the very beginning of this website project, and partner with a team that had a strong understanding of their marketing audiences, and an unparalleled passion for what they were doing.

We worked with MADE to develop an overall goal for the website. Following on from this, we focused on usability and how we wanted to direct people through the site. We produced detailed sitemaps and wireframes, mapping out the customers journeys and our desired outcomes, before moving on to the final designs.


The Outcome

We created a website that was optimised for businesses to land on, providing easily accessible information on key businesses and products as well as highlighting what the region has to offer.

Giving the team at MADE North Canterbury space to breathe, while the website does some of the talking for them.