“Expect The Best, Prepare For The Worst, Capitalize On What Comes.” – Zig Ziglar


A statement that couldn’t be more true in 2020, where pivot, the new normal and unprecedented times have become common (you could say overused) terms in our vocabulary.

While it’s difficult, now is the time to start focusing on your sales and marketing. Without sales businesses don’t exist. Thinking about what you are offering to whom and how this is going to work for you moving forward is vitally important.

For some businesses COVID-19 has prompted a stocktake, and for them, this has resulted in finding new opportunities that were being missed and opening up new avenues for them. Grown in North Canterbury are an excellent example of this, as everything locked down, suddenly there was a massive demand for vegetable deliveries as people looked to minimise contact in store. Opening up a whole new audience to them, it provided them with a great platform to sell their service, generate awareness of their company and continue to grow beyond lockdown.

Other businesses are finding a lot of opportunities to better communicate and engage with new clients to sell more, more often. Wetta have taken the opportunity to engage with customers through a powerful combination of instore and digital promotions. By engaging with their customers in this way, they are building their own brand awareness and reaching beyond their existing customer base, increasing their sales and their customer base.

Some have grabbed the new opportunities that Covid-19 has created to do something quite different. Look at Izzy’s Cafe and Coffee Bar in Christchurch. After leaving high school, with plans to travel to America and teach that were put to a halt due to Covid, she decided to take the plunge and open up her own coffee shop. Operating out of a shipping container, and with markets planned in the future, it’s a great example of someone seizing opportunities that would not have existed 8 months ago.

As we go into Summer, the question is where does your opportunity lie?