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We specialise in creating exceptional results for businesses through bespoke, thoughtful and success-driven design.


The Mark offer a comprehensive range of services, whatever it is you need - we will make it happen.

"The Mark have been an outstanding long-term partner that have excelled at creating value and solving problems over many years."

Wetta / Zane Franklin


Business & Marketing Strategy

The key to successful engagement is understanding your goals and capabilities. We take the time to understand your business and your vision to ensure that the opportunities identified are the best fit for you and support your aspirations. We do this so that we can ensure the work we create for you will stand out and coincide with your company’s values and positioning in the market. Our marketing consultancy brings you over 20 years of extensive marketing experience. For many businesses, this insight and knowledge helps to identify new opportunities and minimises costly mistakes. From launch to expansion and revamping, we create a tailored experience for your business that is implemented in a manner that provides the greatest benefit to your business. Defining your market and consumer demographic is key. We offer sales and marketing strategic advice and planning through to brand strategy development and workshops. We work with your team to define a clear view of goals and benchmarks and know how to keep your team focused on getting results.


Design & Brand Development

The Mark thrives in visual communication, making lasting impressions that stand out. We know how precious every impression is, so we deal with clarity and impact to give your brand the edge against competition. Our team has over seven decades of graphic design, marketing and photography experience and works closely with you to ensure we understand your needs perfectly to bring your vision to life or to develop something from scratch.


Digital & Online Creative

Understanding the world of digital communication sounds easy but it is not – we know how to make online work for you effectively including:

• Website design and development.
• Micro-sites and e-commerce.
• Online advertising content implementation, design and production.
• Effective and engaging social media campaign design.

With a focus on clear communication that leads to exceptional outcomes, The Mark is an excellent choice for moving your business forward.

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