Haley Knaggs

As the office administrator, Haley ensures the smooth operation of the office with her robust knowledge of day-to-day tasks.

More about Haley

With over 10 years of experience in administration and customer service roles across a diverse range of industries, Haley has a proven track record of excellent organisational skills and maximising efficiency.

Haley was once described by a colleague as the 'sunshine in the morning.' The rest of the office would probably dispute that.

Haleys experience

As Administrator for The Mark, Haley is a key member of the team and assures the effective and efficient flow of work through the studio while having an over view of the agency and it’s performance in the fast paced and often very demanding industry sector we work in.

Haley has a strong ability to streamline processes and foster relationships within organisations. Haley is committed to provide excellent service and is an enthusiastic team player. Haley’s philosophy centers around what role she can play in contributing, supporting and making a difference to her team.