The Project

Canadian Doughnuts is an artisan pastry catering van company, specialising in the ‘scrumptious’ pastry treat. This was a brand that required a strong visual presence not only with the product range but also the vehicle livery – specifically on the marketplace food truck.

The Process

Situtated in busy outdoor village market envrinoments it was important that at a glance consumers got a strong feeling of the artisan approach which is the essence of the doughnut baking. This was all about attracting customers at markets with a fun, energetic and handcrafted brand which was bespoke, contemporary and memorable.

There was desire to express the heritage of unique Canadian icons such as the beaver, which became the basis of the logo form, in combination with the Canadian flag. Typography was hand rendered to exemplify the ‘hand-crafted’ nature of the business, along with adding a fun and entertaining apsect for customers as they queued for a purchase.


The Results

Fast food is a highly competitive market sector and introducing an unexperienced taste sensation is never easy. Our solution was to develop a look and feel that encapsulated the very essence of the business premise – a unique, new, hand crafted, exceptional taste experience. We aimed to attract consumer interest with a contemporary, individual and memorable brand position, while keeping the brand fun, provocative and welcoming – we simply wanted the consumer to try and then buy.