The Project

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards are the world’s leading youth achievement award. Proven to help with job and study prospects, it has transformed the lives of millions of young people since it first began. Open to anyone between the ages of 14-24, regardless of gender, background or ability. Young people design their own Award programmes, set their own goals and record their own progress.  

The only person they compete against is themselves, by challenging their own beliefs about what they can achieve.

The Mark was tasked with creating the annual report, to utilise stunning photography and showcase the statistics in an engaging and insightful way that epitomises the very nature of The Duke of Edinburgh Awards.



The Process

For this annual report, the aim was to grab the attention of readers using impactful design, great photography and visual statistics.

With the organisation being over 60 years old, we needed to be respectful of their existing brand guidelines, however, the client gave us the flexibility that we needed to explore and create a piece that stands out in its own right.

Being the guardians of an internationally recognised and respected brand, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Awards has its own responsibilities, and as an agency, we took this very seriously.

The challenge we faced was to introduce an energy and charisma to the organisation, reflective of its place in contemporary society, whilst retaining the integrity of the brand in the hearts and minds of the audience.


The Outcome

We created an impactful document, that utilised clever visuals and infographics to highlight key information, ensuring that readers were captivated by the report, and making the information easily digestible to readers.

We kept the brand and messaging fresh, allowing it to be relevant to a contemporary and diverse stakeholder group. Keeping the brand fresh allowed the brand to stay effective and top-of-mind.