The Project

Outward Bound came to us looking for a solution. They needed a tool that would allow them to provide more in-depth information than what was on the website, highlighting the benefits of the Outward Bound programme for all ages, and defining the core offerings.

We were tasked with developing a ‘coffee table’ brochure that provided an informative overview of the course offerings, whilst clearly communicating the relevance of Outward Bound. With a vast range of courses, it was imperative that our brochure had clear product differentiation between the different courses.

Alongside this, we developed the exterior of their Head Office, ensuring that it articulated what they do as an organisation.


The Process

We met with Outward Bound to discuss their vision and what they wanted to achieve with this enquiry brochure. Their existing collateral was not clearly articulating their culture, and we needed to create something that was future proof, and did not pigeonhole them.

Once we had a strong understanding of their culture and their values, we got to work creating a document that spoke to Outward Bound’s wider audience. Using a mixture of compelling photography, bold typography, illustration, infographics and brand elements to sell the Outward Bound story.

The Outward Bound Head Office occupies a highly visible site at the popular Queen’s Wharf in Wellington. The existing site was often being mistaken for an information centre or a travel agent. In an area with such high foot traffic, the Head Office presented a great opportunity to tell their story and build brand awareness.

They asked us to help them tell a compelling story that the public would connect and interact with, and get a real sense of who they are, what they do and how they do it.

We created a series of large scale illustrations, representing the activities students take part in while on the course in Anakiwa. Using their brand colours, fonts and logo, we kept the brand consistency across the new designs and combined it with key messaging that was clear, bold and aspirational, leading with ‘Become your best self.”

We layered the illustrations with to-the-point copy about what Outward Bound do and what they are about, as well as motivational quotes that sum up the Outward Bound Experience.


The Outcome

We created a high impact brochure that spoke to Outward Bound’s audiences, that told their story succinctly. Any enquiries through Outward Bound could now be provided with an effective document that highlighted the key elements of the Outward Bound organisation.

The Head Office exterior was reinvigorated, refreshed to reflect their brand values, their culture and their story. Allowing it to stand out in a busy area and build awareness of the brand.