The Project

Saints of Tai tapu is a reclaimed church holiday home and wedding venue. First built in 1881, it was turned into the luxurious accommodation after the new owners purchased the property in 2011 and brought the old gothic style features back to life.

We worked on creative development of the bespoke brand, including business cards and postcards, and designed the website.


The Process

The logo form creative direction was based on a stylized vector version of the property, because of it’s unqiue and memorable architecture. Copper foil, combined with a thick, textured stock gave stationary a strong feeling of quality and luxury. The website was then developed, in both English and Chinese, applying a consistent and restrained application of the brand allowing beautifully crafted imagery to to be the ‘hero’ and tell the ‘story’. This was the device that told the story of the reclaimed church, its rich history and iconic location.

The Results

Before starting the project, the creative team spent time at the location, understanding the dynamic of its historic architecture and spectacular setting. Understanding the client’s careful and sympathetic rennovation of the site ensured our creative solution encapsulated all of its history while moving into an exciting new future. This was an great example of a ‘light touch’ to the brand development combining the purity of graphic form with the richness of photographic imagery.