With a little time and creativity we can find new opportunities in this uncertainty.

As we sit in lockdown, it’s unchartered waters for everyone. Regardless of your industry, the size of your company and where you are, we’re all having to adapt. Rather than dwell on the situation, we want to focus on what you CAN do.
Some of you are working from home, and some may have had to shut up shop entirely for the month. Some of you reading this are essential workers that are still getting up and going to work every day to keep the country functioning (we owe you a drink when this is over).

What a lot of us have now, is time (an unfamiliar commodity for a lot of us). Many business owners and managers now have the time to work on their business (rather than in it) and can invest in moving the business forward and navigating the new normal. Where can you improve? What’s that thing you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t had the time before now? Take this time to plan, to strategise, or to sit down and do the organisational admin that you’ve never been able to prioritise until now. When lockdown is over you’ll be able to hit the ground running!

There could be opportunities for you within your business to diversify and adapt what you do to help people just now. You have the resources on hand but your market might have changed slightly, or there’s simply an opportunity for you to help everyone, using your resources in a different way.

There are some great examples of companies adapting through this, across the globe. Big companies that are changing their processes, so that the smaller companies they work with and get the cashflow quicker. After all, they need the small businesses to keep running! Companies that haven’t been able to work, but have made every effort to take care of their staff. If you can be here for people now, they will be here for your company in the long run.

You may have had an idea for a business before, but haven’t had the time to properly look into it. Take the time now to do it, so when you’re ready, you’ve done the research and can start off strong. Or you’ve had an idea in the past that could be incredibly useful during this lockdown and now you want to see how you can get it to market.

There’s also the opportunity to work on yourself, learn a new skill or develop an existing one. Whether it be personal or a chance to take an online course to enhance your skill set and drive your career. Or maybe it’s time for this to be the year you actually nail that New Year’s resolution and get fit! Link up with your colleagues and work on things together – digitally of course, or get the whole family learning a new skill.

For us, thinking about the future, there are lots of unknowns. We are currently working with a lot of clients who are looking to enhance their digital options, to grow their customer base and prepare themselves for the future. Some can sell online, some can’t but want to have conversations with people, engage potential and existing clients and enhance the perception of their brand. It’s a good time to define your brand, set the tone and start building relationships.

It’s time to be creative and make the most of whatever comes your way. We’ve also got some extra time on our hands now, so reach out to us if you need a hand or want to bounce your idea off someone. Or if you just want to chat to someone outside your bubble! We love speaking to people and are missing it already!